Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Controllers - PIC 12f683 Chip Programming

Xbox Rapid Fire Development


As with most kids, I used to be considered a "gamer" during middle school and in the beginning of high school. Most people who play Xbox or have played Xbox will know that there are rapid fire controllers out there that allow for someone, for instance; pull the triggers or push a button faster than humanly possible.

Obviously, this would gain a advantage compared to the average player. So, I obviously wanted one too. After looking at the costs associated with them for the time, I found out I could easily buy the parts and just do it myself, saving money in the process. This would require me to teach myself how to solder, flash PIC ships and install them.

After succeeding in "modding" my controller, I ended up having friends wanting to have a controller like this too. Thus, charging them a fee to have theirs modded. Realizing the demand, I ended up modding controllers and selling them on eBay for most of my time in High School career.

With time though, came patches which would require speeds and modes to be adjust in order to work with the games. Competition also brought different modes, which also were being requested.

I ended up having to take the code I was using and having to modify it to include these new speeds and modes. Obviously, I was in over my head, but I managed to get the code fully working. I would end up using this source code for the majority of the controllers, but would eventually team up with a coder for a short period of time to create a on demand flashing system that would use the Xbox 360 controller headphone jack. Thus, allowing code to be updated as needed without having to constantly open up the controllers.