Web Design/Web Development



Note: I used to showcase my current work, but I have been advised to not post it due to increasing competition in each niche. Feel free to get in contact with me for more info. In the meantime, I have included some statistics about my team and websites:

  • Highly targeted niche users.
  • 250,000 Sessions Yearly.
  • Over 500,000 Page Views Yearly.
  • 196 Days Spend Reading Content Yearly.
  • In Top 100,000 Websites via Semrush.
  • Anywhere between 3-12 independent contractors on development.

Creating websites has always been an interest for me, but easily have become more than just html. As my experience and websites grew, so has my need to learn more and further my knowledge. The website process itself is much more complicated than it appears and I hope to create a detailed guide in the future for others to start their own websites. In the meantime, I have included a brief overview below to help breakdown what I do and how I do it.


Each and every website requires being carefully planned and laid out accordingly. From simply brain storming, to server administrating. This simple task of making a website really becomes more detailed as each website grows.


Creating and administrating websites honestly requires someone of many talents. One that can not only analyze data, but also find opportunities around them. One of the most important tasks of making a website is its research and profitability. This includes finding the topic, researching the opportunity for profit, general competition and is it simply even feasibly to rank in search engines.

This step will require using certain tools and other metrics to see what the general competition is along with how hard it will be to get a foot in the door. Sometimes it just isn’t profitable to try to get into a particular niche, while other niches are just goldmines. This step is essential to creating a solid website.

Theme Development

Once a niche is picked, one must create a general theme that will go along with the niche. This isn’t simply picking what color is the most “cool” or “good looking”, there is more that needs to be conveyed in the color. You will be surprised how much color can play a role in each website and what users themselves see indirectly.


This is where I need to figure out how and what I will be doing in order to make this website even profitable. Whether it may be drop shopping, using affiliate sites or more, it can easily become complicated and challenging when trying to align the users to a particular monetization option.

Outside work

Being a one man show really requires me to use my time not only effectively, but also timely. For example: I may be good at a particular task, but I know others may be a bit better. Delegating this work outside to freelancers, friends or other contacts usually turns out to be a better option. Work can range from simply installing a feature, to general theme development. This really can depend on the timeframe of the website, niche itself and general costs associated.


Sometimes ranking within a particular search engine simply won’t pan out. Therefore, I have to find another avenue in order to drive users. This can range from sponsored posts, Twitter, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and more in which will help create a solid website.


Ideas don’t always pan out and sometimes websites need a redesign to convey a better image. I often have to take a look at where the competition is doing and where the niche is heading. Sometimes the niche just won’t work due to outside competition or overall costs. Live and learn.

Back end support

Each website will require a certain depth of knowledge of backend support. This includes managing DNS, email servers, CDN etc. Currently I’m running my own VPS and off site backups. Many use other solutions such as shared hosting, but they come with their drawbacks.

For instance, I feel using a VPS allows me to make any customization available. Whether that may be NGINX, CDN, caching methods and more, it is all possible with a VSP. I also have started utilizing off site backups that utilize the cloud and other solutions.

Note: This area gets more and more complicated each day. I easily could go on a rant on this particular area.